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Being an eco-friendly company, our products abide by the environmental standards, and that’s what makes them the perfect choice to install at home or offices. LifeStepp is one of the best manufacturing organizations that offer an innovative range of options for your home.

Our products are not only durable, but budget-friendly too. We offer four different collections: Estate, Cosmo, Metro & Urban to make your place look stunning.

Estate Collection

Estate collection includes Laminate Flooring, the best and cost-effective alternative to hardwood flooring.

It is the perfect choice for people who wish to have high-end flooring with no high maintenance costs. It is very easy to install and with minimal efforts, you can cover large areas. Laminate Flooring not only is affordable, but scratch and water-resistant too. You can wipe it with a damp, or dry Swiffer instead of expensive polish and wax. The innovative look and variation in colors have made Laminate Flooring the best option for businesses or houses.

It can be set up quickly over large areas with little efforts and is available for instant use.

LifeStepp Laminate Flooring is not just alluring and durable, it is easy to install too. With minimal efforts and little time, you can easily put new floors in your home or office. You can install them directly over the hard surface with no prior experience. Few of our products come with the attached underlayment. LifeStepp’s glue less laminate floors allows you to immediately walk on them as soon as they are set up.

A plethora of color choices offer you plenty of great options to decorate your home or office. LifeStepp gives you access to choose from rustic, traditional, or modern styles as per your tastes and preferences. Each color has its own effect. Some people prefer to add warmth and comfort to their interiors while others want exactly the opposite. Light colors are the best choice for rooms that are small. They not only brighten the space but also make a room look bigger and airier. And for large areas with lighting, dark-colored Laminate Flooring is the right choice. Picking up the right color transforms the entire ambience of the room. And with us, you can easily get your desired shade to let your place speak volumes.

Cosmo Collection

The Cosmo collection offers LifeStepp WPC flooring aka Wood Plastic Composite.

This is a luxury Vinyl plank flooring that has gained immense popularity since its inception. What sets this flooring apart from the rest is its technologically advanced construction. This product is made with a Wood plastic composite backing rather than a PVC backing. LifeStepp’s WPC Vinyl flooring is entirely waterproof. That is why it is perfect for bathrooms or areas below ground level.

Wood Plastic Composite Flooring (WPC) consists of four different layers:

  • Wear Layer- To guard your flooring surface against scratches and stains.
  • Vinyl Top Layer- A thin layer of vinyl that sticks to the core.
  • Printed Layer- Gives design to the floor by using 3D printing technology.
  • Core Layer- To create a waterproof center that will neither expand nor contract when faced with moisture or liquid.

LifeStepp can offer you WPC vinyl’s in a plethora of textures, styles, and looks. One of the best perks of installing WPC flooring is its easy cleaning and maintenance. This includes occasional mopping and regular sweeping. Though WPC is engineered, it is still affordable and will fit perfectly as per your expectations.

Metro Collection

LifeStepp’s Metro collection consists of SPC Vinyl flooring, popularly known as Stone Plastic Composite flooring.

SPC is an engineered luxury vinyl, made by combining stabilizers and limestone to construct a highly durable core. Being heat resistant and waterproof makes SPC an ideal product to install anywhere, be it your kitchen or bathrooms. Like WPC, Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) also has four layers.


  • Wear Layer- The top coating is transparent and provides scratch & stain resistance to the plank.
  • Top Coat Vinyl- Besides being waterproof, it contains the texture, looks, and the pattern of the floor.
  • Stone Plastic Composite Core- Made by merging stabilizers and limestone to create a durable floor.
  • Underlayment Attached (Depends on your preference)- Helps in reducing sound and adding softness to the SPC flooring.

LifeStepp’s SPC Vinyl flooring styles, colors, and textures will amaze you. It is easy to install and doesn’t need extra tools or glue. Because of the thickness of the plank, SPC is a lot more comfortable than the traditional vinyl. You can find SPC vinyl’s in a variety of prices, depending on its brand and extra features.

Urban Collection

The Urban collection includes LifeStepp Glue Down/Dry Back flooring.

This flooring uses an adhesive to stick your dry back luxury vinyl to its base. Glue down flooring is the ideal option for environments that are subject to inconsistent temperatures. This method uses two different types of adhesives: pressure sensitive and hard set.

Pressure Sensitive- This installation method can make your floor durable yet easier to replace. It is best suited for vinyl tile and plank flooring.

Hard Set- LifeStepp uses hard set adhesives for areas that experience heavy rolling traffic. For instance, shopping carts or wheelchairs used in retail or healthcare industries. We make sure that your glue down flooring can handle a heavy load, leaving no noticeable dents.

LifeStepp’s glue down Vinyl floors is 100% waterproof, smooth to touch and easy to clean. You can create a stunning floor by blending different varieties of wood and tile patterns available with us. LifeStepp offers planks in different dimensions, thickness, and size to suit individual needs and to protect your flooring from high-traffic areas.