Laminate vs Vinyl

When looking for a new flooring option for your home or office, you will come across different types of flooring such as Laminate, Vinyl, etc. Laminate is currently one of the most economical alternatives to hardwood flooring whereas another popular option called vinyl simulates the look of natural wood. Both of these options are great at their own end but they slightly differ in some aspects. You can choose them as per your preferences.


Laminate flooring is made from 99% wood product whereas Vinyl flooring is 100% synthetic material that mimics the look of real wood flooring.


When it comes to look and style both of these options are equally good. By using 3D printing technology, they can easily replicate the look and style of natural wood.


Laminate flooring is best to install in bedrooms and dining or living areas whereas Vinyl being 100% waterproof can be installed anywhere including bathrooms and kitchens.


Laminate flooring can be easily installed with the help of some tools without the use of any glue or adhesive whereas vinyl planks products snap together which makes it suitable for DIY (Do It Yourself).


When it comes to durability, both of these options are quite durable. Though vinyl flooring is recommended for high traffic areas but with more options coming up, laminate flooring is also able to withstand high traffic.

Pet Friendly

Both of these floorings are pet friendly and scratch resistant which makes them much more durable.


Laminate and Vinyl flooring are usually less costly than natural wood. Both are available in a wide range of costs and that can be determined depending on your preferences like size, thickness, etc.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Laminate flooring can only be cleaned with steam mops and laminate specific products to restore the shine whereas vinyl floors can be cleaned either with a damp or steam mop. You should never use wax polishes on vinyl floors.