One of the latest trends in luxury vinyl flooring is rigid core flooring, which is made up of a more rigid core for extra durability. There are two main types of rigid core luxury vinyl to choose from- WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) and SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) flooring. Each type has its own benefits and is quite similar but there are some differences which you need to consider when deciding what works best for you.

Core Layer

WPC core layer is comprised of plasticizers, calcium carbonate, polyvinyl chloride, wood material, and foaming agent. Whereas SPC consists of far more limestone than WPC and has more stone composition.

Plank Thickness

WPC floors have a thicker core as compared to SPC floors. WPC plank thickness ranges from 5mm-8mm while SPC floors usually stay around 4mm-7mm.

Under Foot Feel

WPC uses a foaming agent so it gives a softer feel when walking on it. SPC is most limestone that is why it gives a sturdy feel under foot. But with added underlayment, even SPC floors will have a softer feel.


Since SPC floors are denser, it provides better resistance from dents & scratches and is more durable when compared to WPC.

Extreme Temperature Conditions

When it comes to extreme temperature fluctuations, SPC flooring offers superior performance than WPC. Apart from the differences, SPC & WPC also share some similarities. Let’s have a look at that.


Both of them are entirely waterproof and prevents warping when exposed to moisture.

Easy Installation

Luxury Vinyl’s are absolutely DIY (Do It Yourself) friendly. With the help of the interlocking tongue and groove system, these can be easily installed without any glues.

Dent Resistance

While SPC floors are more resistant to major dents but both flooring types are quite durable and resistant to stains and scratches.


Regular sweeping and occasional deep cleaning is enough to keep these floors beautiful and clean.