What Is ABA (SPC Flooring)

Rigid core flooring is the new addition in the luxury vinyl family. Besides being 100% waterproof and dent resistant, it adds stability and structure to vinyl plank flooring. Even the planks are entirely waterproof and won’t warp in moist conditions. And that makes it the best option to install in a kitchen or basements. The most popular rigid core vinyls available in the market are WPC and SPC vinyl.

SPC (Stone Polymer Composite or Stone Plastic Composite)

SPC flooring is considered as the upgraded version of vinyl floors. What sets this flooring apart is its resilient core layer. It is made by combining together limestone powder, stabilizers and PVC dust to offer a very stable composite material.

Impact Resistant

SPC is 10 times more impact resistant than WPC. The boards are designed with click locking joint system and is easy to install. As it is formaldehyde free which makes it completely safe flooring option for both residential or commercial use.


Each plank of SPC flooring structure consists of 5 layers:

  • The UV protective layer
  • Wear Layer
  • Vinyl Layer
  • SPC Core
  • Acoustic Foam (Optional)

Furthermore, SPC rigid core vinyl flooring is available in three different kinds:

  • SPC core floor that consists of one layer only
  • SPC core floor + PVC balance sheet (Two layers)
  • ABA core construction- PVC vinyl board + SPC core floor + PVC (Three layer)

ABA Core Construction

ABA construction process consists of balancing layers of vinyl below and above the core. ABA core is much more stable dimensionally in terms of performance and provides better underfoot feels. The best thing about the ABA structure is that it keeps the rigid character of SPC and adds the soft touch of PVC vinyl flooring. This is a premium SPC that offers better embossing options, great sound absorption and a thicker product overall.