Maintenance of SPC, WPC & Glue Down Floor

Whenever you install a new floor in your home, you make sure it stays in the best condition for years to come. Dents, scratches or any type of marks can give your place an older and uglier look. No matter which type of luxury vinyl floor you have- be it SPC, WPC or Glue Down- it requires proper cleaning and maintenance so that it can stay stunning for years. Here’s how you can maintain your SPC, WPC, and Glue down floors effectively:

Sweep Regularly

Any type of dust or dirt can cause scratches on your floor. The faster you get that dirt off your floor, the less it will be susceptible to damage. The best way to keep your floors clean and scratch free is by sweeping them regularly. And you can do the same by using a microfiber mop pad. Remember, never ever use a vacuum with a beater bar.

Use The Right Cleaning Agent

Regularly sweeping doesn’t leave much room for washing. Depending upon how busy your place is, you can set your washing schedule. It recommended to clean them weekly. You can use a wet mop along with a pH neutral cleaning agent. Make sure you follow the entire instructions before washing the floors. If you have no-wax SPC, WPC or glue down floors, always use cleaning agents that are intended for no-wax floors. Otherwise, you can spoil the top protective layer of your floor.

Spot Clean

You should clean the spills immediately. And for spot stain treatment, use the damp cloth and recommended pH neutral cleaner.

Keep The Shine Alive

Whenever you feel it’s time to restore the gloss of your vinyl floors, use a protective finish sealant recommended by your manufacturer.

Prevent Scuffs

Use entryway doormats and felt pads on the bottom of your furniture and to keep your floors scratch and dust free.