Laminate flooring is a great choice in areas that required extra protection and that too at a fraction of the cost. Not only known for its affordability but its durability in high traffic areas where your kids or pets like to play and roam all day around. Another excellent option is Vinyl flooring that includes WPC, SPC & glue down flooring. These are 100% waterproof so you can install them anywhere in the house.

Here are a few tips about flooring that will give you years of pleasant and hygienic flooring experience.

  1. Avoid laminate flooring in areas where there is humidity and water. For areas below ground level or bathrooms SPC, WPC and glue down vinyl flooring is the best choice as they are 100% waterproof.
  2. Wipe off any excess water instantly if you have installed flooring in the kitchen.
  3. Leave the expansion gap around the perimeter of the room during the installation process to allow natural contraction and expansion of the flooring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you install laminate flooring?

You can install laminate flooring on any of the current flooring except the carpet. You cannot have laminate flooring in wet and damp areas like the bathroom.

Is it important that laminate flooring should stay in the room for 48 hours prior to installation?

Yes, it is necessary that laminate flooring should acclimate in a climate-controlled area where the temperature should be around 18-22 degrees C and 50% humidity for 48 hours before commencing installation.

Can you install vinyl planks or tiles over radiant heat?

Yes, you can install most of the vinyl planks or tiles over radiant heat.

Is the expansion gap necessary around the walls and other blockages?

Well, the answer is yes in most cases. Around 12-15 mm expansion gap is mandatory. If the room area is large it becomes even more vital to have a large expansion gap so that the floor can expand with the fluctuating seasonal temperatures.

After the installation process, do I need to wait before I can start walking on the laminate floor?

Definitely not. You can not only walk but also move the furniture over the laminate floors right after the installation process. LifeStepp offers glueless flooring so there is no glue used that required drying.

How to maintain laminate floors to last longer?

Make sure you never use any wax or sand on the laminate flooring. Wipeout spills instantly if any. You can do damp mopping at regular intervals. It is advisable to use only premium neutral floor cleaner and our experts can help you in choosing the same.

Are laminate and vinyl floors scratch resistant?

Yes, they are scratch proof but no floors are 100 % scratch resistant. If someone is claiming then it surely is a false statement.

Can I install heavy objects like a pool table on the laminate flooring?

Yes, there is no harm in placing heavy objects on the laminate flooring. But it is advisable to follow some installation guidelines to ensure no damage.

Should I use underlayment when installing vinyl floors?

Underlayment is a quick solution to cover the imperfections in your subfloor. Plus, it will protect your subfloor.

Can we install laminate flooring in parking and basement?

Yes, as long as the humidity area is under control, laminate flooring can be installed anywhere. You can use SPC, WPC or glue down flooring if the areas are moisture prone.

Is it possible to refinish laminate floors?

Laminate floors cannot be refinished as it is a composite material.

How & where can I buy LifeStepp flooring products?

Reach us immediately and our experts will guide you the rest.

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No waxing required
No polish required

Just wipe and done

Residential Use
Requires minimal maintenance and inexpensive. Can be done easily without hiring an expert.

Commercial Usage
Easy and quick up-keep, long lasting despite heavy traffic use.